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A Rewarding Career

When I was a teenager, I couldn’t decide what career path I wanted to pursue after my high school graduation. While I wanted to earn a comfortable living, money wasn’t the only factor guiding my decision. I also desired to have a job that would allow me to help others in some way. If you’re searching for a rewarding career, consider counseling. Counselors have the opportunity to help people solve complicated problems on a daily basis. For instance, as a counselor, you might help a couple resolve marriage issues, aid a teenager battling an eating disorder, or assist an adult dealing with depression. I didn't end up becoming a counselor, but on this blog, I hope you will discover some of the most interesting aspects of being a counselor.


A Rewarding Career

    How To Help Your ADHD Child: What You Can Do

    As a parent, you may feel helpless that your child has ADHD. You can't be with them all the time to help, which can be frustrating, especially with school-aged children. They are out of your care for 8 hours of the day at school in the care of others, which may make you feel anxious or worried. There are things you can do to help your child both at home and when they are away from you.

    Common Signs That Your Child May Need Child Therapy

    Most parents love their children dearly and do everything that they can do care for and raise their children properly. But in some cases, a child may face issues that can't be solved through loving parenting. In these types of situations, a child may need the professional skills of a child therapist. Choosing to take your child to a therapist can be a difficult decision, but if your child truly needs therapy, it will be very beneficial in the long run.

    Are You Feeling Depressed? Counseling May Help

    Of course, there are times when many people, even most people, feel sad. There are disappointments in life, like the sadness that comes from losing somebody that you care for. However, if you feel that your sadness has turned into depression, from getting out of the house to seeking adult counseling, here are some ideas that might help you to get some sunshine back into your life. Frank Personal Assessment - As you begin to look at yourself frankly, it might be helpful to take a pen and paper in hand.

    Four Tips For Parents Of Children With Down Syndrome

    As a parent of a child with Down syndrome, you are no stranger to stress. You love your child to the moon and back, but providing for their needs can be tiring. Being a good caregiver starts with taking good care of yourself. When you are emotionally and physically at your best, you can better provide the support your child needs. To that end, here are four tips to help ease stress as you parent a child with Down syndrome.

    How to Help Your Depressed Child

    If you have a child or a teenager that is suffering from depression, you might feel powerless. You might be doing everything that you can to provide a good life for your child and make sure they have and do everything that they need to do in order to succeed. However, recovery from depression is going to be largely up to your child. You can provide the tools of therapy and medication, but it is going to be up to your child to use them and actually try to get better.

    Tips For Getting Through Postpartum Depression With Young Children

    If you have recently given birth, you might feel as though you are supposed to be feeling great joy over the arrival of your new baby and the excitement that your existing children now have a new sibling. However, you might be feeling sad, tired, hopeless, and defeated. You might be feeling that way for no explicable reason and it could make it difficult for you to bond with your new baby or take care of your current young children.

    Correcting Substance-Abuse Misconceptions You May Assume Are True

    Substance-abuse problems can be a serious condition for a person to experience. While individuals are often aware of the importance of seeking treatment for traditional injuries, they may not appreciate this need when it comes to substance abuse. Having some of the more routine myths about substance-abuse problems dispelled can allow you to be far better prepared to address this disruptive health problem. Myth: Substance Abuse Is Always a Result of Being Irresponsible

    Tips for Explaining Hospice to Your Children

    If you have a loved one that is in hospice, you know that he or she is going to die soon, and you want him or her to be as comfortable as possible. However, your children might not fully understand what hospice is and might cheerfully talk to your loved one about he or she is going to "get better soon." This could be very difficult for your loved one to hear, and he or she might ask you to talk to your children about hospice so that they don't make those remarks in the future.