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When I was a teenager, I couldn’t decide what career path I wanted to pursue after my high school graduation. While I wanted to earn a comfortable living, money wasn’t the only factor guiding my decision. I also desired to have a job that would allow me to help others in some way. If you’re searching for a rewarding career, consider counseling. Counselors have the opportunity to help people solve complicated problems on a daily basis. For instance, as a counselor, you might help a couple resolve marriage issues, aid a teenager battling an eating disorder, or assist an adult dealing with depression. I didn't end up becoming a counselor, but on this blog, I hope you will discover some of the most interesting aspects of being a counselor.

A Rewarding Career

Three Types Of Counseling For Children With ADHD

by Marie Reid

Children with ADHD often struggle to keep up in school and feel accepted among their peers. Many parents struggle to find a balance between the various ADHD treatments offered by doctors, counselors, and psychiatrists. Generally, children fare best when they receive help from multiple angles, so many doctors recommend that parents try a combination of medication and counseling. If you are searching for ADHD counseling services for your child, you will find that you have a few options. Here are three of the most common types of counseling for children who have ADHD.

Behavior Therapy

The goal of behavior therapy is to teach children new ways of responding to situations that cause them difficulty. With guidance from a qualified counselor, children with ADHD can learn new ways to think about and react to situations so they can still finish their schoolwork and create strong relationships with their peers. For example, if a child struggles to even start doing their homework, a behavior therapist might teach them how to calm their minds before they start and set themselves up for success. If they get distracted while doing homework, a behavior therapist might teach them ways to refocus more quickly than they have been able to in the past.

Social Skills Training

One of the struggles that children with ADHD face is the inability to form friendships with their peers. Some children with ADHD are prone to interrupting people as they are speaking or butting in on conversations, for example. A counselor who is trained to teach social skills to children can help them learn how to approach their peers, listen until a person is finished talking, and read other people's body language. With stronger social skills, children with ADHD can create strong friendships and feel more connected to their peers.

Parent Skills Training

While counselors can only help children for a few short hours each week, parents can play a more consistent role in their children's journey towards success and freedom from the symptoms of ADHD. Many doctors recommend that parents work with counselors who can teach them the skills they need to help their children live the best lives possible despite their condition. Parents who struggle with feelings of helplessness as they try to get their children to focus or complete simple tasks can benefit from the extra support provided by ADHD counselors who can give them extra parenting skills.