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When I was a teenager, I couldn’t decide what career path I wanted to pursue after my high school graduation. While I wanted to earn a comfortable living, money wasn’t the only factor guiding my decision. I also desired to have a job that would allow me to help others in some way. If you’re searching for a rewarding career, consider counseling. Counselors have the opportunity to help people solve complicated problems on a daily basis. For instance, as a counselor, you might help a couple resolve marriage issues, aid a teenager battling an eating disorder, or assist an adult dealing with depression. I didn't end up becoming a counselor, but on this blog, I hope you will discover some of the most interesting aspects of being a counselor.

A Rewarding Career

Four Tips For Parents Of Children With Down Syndrome

by Marie Reid

As a parent of a child with Down syndrome, you are no stranger to stress. You love your child to the moon and back, but providing for their needs can be tiring. Being a good caregiver starts with taking good care of yourself. When you are emotionally and physically at your best, you can better provide the support your child needs. To that end, here are four tips to help ease stress as you parent a child with Down syndrome.

Join a Support Group

Down syndrome is not overly common, and you are probably the only one among your friends who has a child with this condition. As a result, you may feel like your friends don't understand your unique stresses and challenges. Making some new friends who also have kids with Down syndrome can help. Look for local support groups in your area. You may find one specifically for parents of Down syndrome patients, or you may find a general group for parent caregivers. Joining either type of group will give you new people to reach out to for support -- people who understand.

See a Therapist

It's also a good idea to see a therapist on your own. Even if you only have an appointment every two weeks or once a month, this gives you a chance to talk about your challenges and receive feedback from a professional. Therapy can help keep you mentally strong and stable. Small worries will be addressed before they have time to grow.

Take a Break

As a parent, you probably feel obligated to be there for your child every hour of the day and night. But if you are exhausted, you cannot provide them with the best care. Find a capable friend or family member, and ask them to care for your child one afternoon a week so you can have a little time for yourself. There are also respite care organizations who will send a trained caregiver to your home for a few hours, giving you a little relief.

Stay Involved In a Hobby

Parents of children with Down syndrome often feel like they lose their own identities once their children are born. To keep these feelings at bay, make sure you keep up with a hobby that means something to you. You can pursue that hobby during your "afternoon off" or find a way to do it while your child is napping. Keeping this piece of yourself alive will help keep you strong and motivated as a caregiver.

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