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A Rewarding Career

When I was a teenager, I couldn’t decide what career path I wanted to pursue after my high school graduation. While I wanted to earn a comfortable living, money wasn’t the only factor guiding my decision. I also desired to have a job that would allow me to help others in some way. If you’re searching for a rewarding career, consider counseling. Counselors have the opportunity to help people solve complicated problems on a daily basis. For instance, as a counselor, you might help a couple resolve marriage issues, aid a teenager battling an eating disorder, or assist an adult dealing with depression. I didn't end up becoming a counselor, but on this blog, I hope you will discover some of the most interesting aspects of being a counselor.

A Rewarding Career

Is Your Life Train Derailed? How a Life Coach Can Engineer a Solution for You

by Marie Reid

It happens to the best of us. Your career is on the fast track, and you are successful, and then all of sudden you are jobless and on the verge of being homeless. How did your life get here? You were on the right track, and your train was rolling along smoothly—and now this. Thankfully, the derailment of your life train can be fixed. A life coach can engineer a solution for you. Here is how that works.

Interest Inventories

An interest inventory is a common tool among life coaches and is used to see what really interests their clients. You may have a pretty good idea what interests you, but you may also be surprised by the test results. Sometimes your psyche pushes through and reveals things about yourself you did not know before, like an interest that maybe should become a career choice instead of just a hobby. The inventory is a guideline your life coach can use to help steer you in a direction that would make you an all-around happier individual.

Personality Inventories and Tests

Maybe the reason you were fired from your recent job is that there was some unknown undercurrent of unpleasantness. Personality tests and inventories can help reveal some interesting data about you. If you have never taken these tests or inventories, you may find them enjoyable, even informative. These tests and inventories aid your life coach and you in pinpointing what jobs would not be a good fit for you and what personality types you would be in conflict with if you did get another job. Then you might be able to maneuver around these problematic types, work through your differences and challenges, and retain employment longer than before.

Job-Skills Assessments

Another piece of the puzzle for you is added through your job-skills assessment with your life coach. While the above tests and inventories begin to put together an image of who you are, the life coach can develop a much clearer solution for you when your skills assessment is added to the test and inventory results. The final solution is often very encouraging, as it will provide you with some guidance with the direction you should go with your career, your interests, your housing, and so forth.


Certainly, like most people who suddenly find themselves in the unemployment line, you may have some negative feelings about your position. Your life coach can talk you through these feelings, lend a listening ear to what bugs you the most, and become your personal cheerleader to help you get motivated again. Even though most life coaches are not licensed counselors, they can counsel and advise you on what steps you should take next with your life. They are an excellent go-to resource for community financial support too, and they will help alleviate some of your other concerns while you job-hunt.

Make an appointment with a life coach, such as one at Ace-Up, to get your life train back on track.